Toman park Ljubljana 2017 completed
The wider area is, as designated in the municipal land use documents, predominately intended for commercial-residential buildings that have in part already been built. The area in question is reserved for park surfaces as a sort of a foyer to a larger commercial building. The purpose of the project is to sort out the current state with minimal intervention in a way that preserves all of the self-sown trees. The area is to become a high quality public open space catering to the needs of various users – the users of the nearby bus and railway stations, the surrounding residents, high school and university students, and the target public of skaters, because the city lacks in high quality informal urban surfaces that cater to this popular urban sport.
In order to ensure that the new intervention has its own recognizable identity, we took the historical use of the lot and its immediate surroundings into account. The master stonemason Feliks Toman’s workshop, where elements of various important public buildings of Ljubljana have been crafted, stood at this location until the Second World War. The concept of the design is rooted in the history of the location and defined with a single element – a round structure of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements – that is reminiscent of masonry details with its shape, details and composition, almost like an archaeological excavation of urban memory. This concept makes it possible to simultaneously adapt the structure to the preserved self-sown trees and the nature of urban sports.

Authors: Rok Žnidaršič, u.d.i.a., Teja Gorjup, štud. arh., Samo Mlakar, u.d.i.a., Klara Bohinc, m.i.a.

Collaborator: Marko Drpić, črke

Client: City of Ljubljana

Project date: 2017; Completition date: 2017

Area: 1.100 m2

Photo: Miran Kambič, Rok Žnidaršič, Virginia Vrecl