Monument to Maks Fabiani Ljubljana 2015 completed
The interplay between the bust and its base is a walk on the brink, a dialogue of playful present with a nod to the heritage - homage to Fabiani in both material and structural rationality.
Form summarises Fabiani’s architectural sources and structural innovations, e.g. the visible steel window crosshead in Artaria palace in Vienna. Checkered pattern of the reinforcement mesh coquets with the ornaments of Fabiani’s secession opus (National home, Hribar house, Portois & Fix) and further, with the urban arrangement of the northern city centre of Ljubljana. Pale yellow of the base alludes to the importance of Fabiani’s role as an architect of the monarchy and respected architectural scholar.

Monument and its base form a memento to the development of Ljubljana, its direction follows the inner city ring. The scale of the monument dresses both pedestrians and traffic. Big letters form a name to the drivers and cyclists in Roška street while pedestrians read a memorial plate in the back of the monument. From the side, palmettes resembling baroque or secessionist forms evolve.

Authors: Rok Žnidaršič, u.d.i.a., avtor portreta Mirsad Begić

Collaborator: Samo Mlakar, u.d.i.a.

Client: City of Ljubljana

Project date: 2015; Completition date: 2016

Area: 200 m2

Photo: Rok Žnidaršič, Miran Kambič