Gosposvetska road Ljubljana 2016 in progress
Since before antiquity Gosposvetska street was an important route that connected Ljubljana to the northern regions of Slovenia. Many archaeological finds of roman sarcophagi and vast excavations of urnfield culture in Ajdovščina square reveal its important historical presence and role. Throughout history it remained important as a connection on the crossroads of accesses to the city from north and east. In the nineteenth century, Christ church, the former Coliseum and Evropa coffeehouse marked an important scenic entrance to the city. Demolition of baroque houses in Ajdovščina square and Plečniks’ relocation of the Plague column to the Congress square contributed to the forlorn presence of Gosposvetska street today.
Proposed renovation reconnects the street on two levels, new pavement and new, double line of trees that tones down the diverse language of the built tissue. In the crossroad with Zupančičeva and Vošnjakova the street becomes an unified, elevated platform with a new memorial plaque to Luther in front of the church, where a new seating area is also placed in the shade of the existing red beech. Structured stone pavement covers the square and runs on in the sidewalks. In front of Evropa coffeehouse another elevated square is formed in the joint with Ajdovščina square and Slovenska street. Tops of the existing plane trees are formed into an umbrella shaped roof, that nods to the former street garden from the nineteenth hundreds and Saša J. Mächtigs translucent roof structure from the seventies. All of the urban furniture is chosen accordingly with the official city furniture. Bus stops consist of three usual modules merged into a group.

Authors: Rok Žnidaršič, u.d.i.a., Žiga Ravnikar, u.d.i.a.

Collaborator: Marko Drpić, napis

Client: City of Ljubljana

Project date: 2016

Area: 8.900 m2

Photo: Rok Žnidaršič, Miran Kambič